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A Cleverly-Titled Logic Puzzle Blog is not dead!

In case you didn't guess this, I'm not actually giving up on this blog. All 11 of the previous posts were part of an elaborate April Fools scheme. HAHAHAHA. (Disclaimer: any post that mentions Obama is not intended to be taken seriously, either as an accurate expression of a political view or as a mockery of an opposing one and its adherents.)

Also, I'm not MellowMelon. Sorry, guys. I guess MellowMelon just isn't cool enough to be me. ;)


Blaine said...


I actually liked the new format. I was really looking forward to you adding a few cat pictures and animated GIFs too. And the political and social commentary is something lacking on most blogs. I hope you change your mind.

I am relieved that I can continue using the number '8' though. I was afraid to mention that I consumed lunch yesterday lest someone thought I was mentioning the verboten number.

Grant Fikes said...

Oh, man, I love lots of animated GIF's -- especially the rotate-y kind. Those are awesome, man. Nobody gets tired of looking at those. I should have a long Flash intro, too!

I'm very sorry that I can't post more social and political commentary here. Good luck finding other people on the internet audacious enough to voice their opinions on politics and stuff. :[

Kate said...

I'd have just finished going through your archived puzzle when you posted this. Thank you for the great puzzles and I'm really glad you haven't stopped posting them.

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