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Random dog pictures!

Pets are always a thing to blog about that everyone will be interested in reading!!

This is Honey, an apricot poodle who was obtained at a pet store in Dallas. As you can tell from the picture, Honey likes lying down on carpets next to chairs and boxes.

In this picture, Honey's doing another thing she once enjoyed doing: biting the fingers of the photographer. (She seems to have outgrown this phase, though. Sad, really -- fingers are chock full of nutritional value!) Although it's not obvious from the picture, Honey does have eyes.

This is Kuro, a black miniature schnauzer. I had nothing to do with the process of selecting her or bringing her to Abilene; nonetheless, she seems to only love me. Just like Honey, she has eyes. I promise that her eyes exist. I swear!

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