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Assorted facts.

  1. The Canary Islands were named after canaries.
  2. The word "greedy" was formed by adding the "-y" suffix to the end of the word "greed".
  3. The song "Every Move You Make" was intended to be a romantic song about a couple whose feelings for each other are mutual.
  4. The word "uncouth" was formed by adding the "un-" prefix to the word "couth".
  5. Bats are completely blind.
  6. "Versus" is a verb, and you can "verse" someone by competing against them.


ksun48 said...


Trevel said...

You just blew my mind.

Anonymous said...

at least one false fact here (april fools maybe?), bats are not completely blind, they can see, see decently even.

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