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ChipIn for Children's Charities: I'm speedrunning Super Mario World!

I've recently made an exciting deal with dethwing, a member of The Grey Labyrinth and of BoardGameGeek who also dabbles in speedrunning: I will participate in a 96-exit race of Super Mario World on SpeedRunsLive! This huge race is apparently part of a marathon, and will take place at approximately 10:05 PM (Eastern time) on November 3 according to this schedule. I hardly expect to win, or even to be in the top 50%, but dethwing has given me huge incentive to practice: he pledges to donate $1 to ChipIn for Children's Charities for every minute faster than 2 hours 30 minutes my final time is (up to $30 if I can break 2 hours)! The current world record is a staggeringly fast 1:25:43; I am assured that once I've mastered the art of not dying, the 2:30:00 mark will be a piece of cake. As such, I will try to practice the game a lot over the course of the next few weeks. Who knows, I might even try to give something away while I'm racing. . .

If you want to watch your favorite logic puzzle author absolutely fail at video games, I'll be streaming some practice sessions, and ultimately my live performance during the race, on If you have a account, I won't be offended if you decide to follow me. I'll likely also post about the race on Twitter, too. Oh, and if you're feeling generous, maybe you can pledge even more incentive for me to practice. That would be nice. My ultimate goal is to raise money with this fund-raiser; playing Super Mario World is merely a means to that end. :)

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