Wordy Wednesday 2: Summing and Scrambling

I've already received 9 answers to the first installment. There is still time to solve the puzzle and be entered in the drawing to win a signed copy of Will Shortz's Wordplay, so get cracking. This image shows you two of the letters in the puzzle, leaving a mere 24! possibilities for the rest rather than 26!. (You still have to figure out how to extract the final answer from the solved grid.) If you want to try to solve the puzzle without the hint, then don't click the "This image" link!

This week's puzzle isn't a contest, but solvers are nonetheless highly encouraged to send their solutions to glmathgrant[at]gmail[dot]com so that they can appear on a list of solvers to be published two weeks from now.

Use your anagramming abilities to determine which of the words clued below corresponds to which words in the grid above. As a hint, the clue numbers corresponding to those words sum to 65 in each row and each column. Ultimately, identify the title of the game which is being hinted at by the hidden 25-letter message.
1. Petty officer
2. Clive Staples ____
3. Food Network's Brown
4. Apple ____
5. Some racers
6. Days of our ____
7. Indian, for one
8. Sheath of sorts
9. Disturb
10. Assigns to a table
11. Verse writer's feet
12. Extravagant talk
13. Sheepish?
14. Some crime films
15. African antelope
16. Ship that refuels other ships
17. Be buoyant
18. Small body of land
19. Big books
20. Sell at gigantic profit
21. Editor's symbol
22. Colorless gas
23. Classic Concentration feature
24. Use a car
25. Odor

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