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Puzzle 192: Eliza Pseudonym of Puzzlania 10

Break Inn and Hostel Intent aren't exactly hotel names that make one feel secure, are they? :) Special thanks to Vraal for the names Hostel Intent and Omelette Motel.
ERRATUM: Somehow, I managed to miswrite clue 5 on my paper when I was composing this puzzle. I noticed the mistake in test-solving, but forgot to actually correct it in the published version; the puzzle is correct now. My sincerest apologies.

From 2004 through 2009, Eliza Pseudonym and each of five of her friends have had occasion to visit the city of Capitolburg. Each one went in a different year, and stayed at a different hotel for a different number of nights (from 2 nights through 7 nights). From the clues below, determine the year during which each one went to Capitolburg, which hotel they stayed at, and how many nights they stayed there.

1. Delilah went to Capitolburg on a business trip in 2005.
2. Fiona stayed in her hotel for fewer nights than Anna, who visited Capitolburg in a later year than Fiona did.
3. The woman who stayed for 7 nights was in Capitolburg one year after Barbra was.
4. Laugh Inn was patronized for fewer nights than Hostel Intent.
5. The stay at Cardinal's Inn was shorter than the stay at Omelette Motel; the two hotel visits were separated by exactly 4 years.
6. One woman paid for a 6-night stay at the Break Inn.
7. In 2006, one of the women stayed at a hotel for 4 nights.
8. Carla's stay at a hotel and another woman's stay at Le Tom Motel 2 years later were for a combined total of 8 nights.


Projectyl said...

Psst... You want "paid" on Clue 6. :)

Grant Fikes said...

Good catch, Projectyl. According to Merriam-Webster, "payed" is a valid past tense of "pay", but only when "pay" means "to coat with a waterproof composition" or "to slacken (as a rope) and allow to run out". That explains why spell check didn't highlight the word for me to potentially notice. :)

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