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Puzzle 619: Fencing Match 53

I turn 30 tomorrow, so have this pair of 30th birthday cakes. This puzzle was originally posted over 11 years ago on my LiveJournal, where it was written for the 30th birthday of fellow puzzle writer (and my greatest inspiration at the time) Adam "Zotmeister" Wood, meaning I was almost 19 when I wrote it, yet upon re-solving it it feels like the kind of puzzle I'd write today, so I thought I'd remake it in my newer image style and share it here. Special thanks to patron Edderiofer He for asking me for images of the old LiveJournal puzzles (the images are no longer available on the LiveJournal itself) and finding this in the ZIP archive.

On the lack of recent Wordy Wednesday posts.

You may have noticed that Wordy Wednesday puzzles have not gone up last Wednesday nor this Wednesday. That's because I was not at my computer to make said posts. I was undergoing inpatient therapy at Oceans Behavioral Hospital for suicidal depression which I have battled for over 9 years. This happened too suddenly for me to give anyone any kind of warning. The first two days were absolute living hell, and my first roommate having memory problems and driving me crazy by appropriating my belongings thinking they were his drive me so crazy that I wanted to injure myself and go to a regular hospital so I wouldn't have a roommate to worry about; however, the staff made it very clear that if I did so, I'd just end up back at the behavioral hospital afterwards. I had to play along if I wanted to get out, whether to kill myself and make sure I never go back or to go out and enjoy life. A combination of coping skills and medicine has me back in the mood to live, at least long enough to celebrate my 30th birthday.

Living with autism is the worst. You can feel very irrational things and have a rational side of your brain which recognizes those things as such, yet feel trapped in feeling them. Past few months, I've been feeling like I need to kill myself over every single tiny foul-up I commit. The latest one? Getting banned from a Twitch stream I hadn't followed in a while for saying I'd watch for old times sake while waiting for another streamer to return from lunch. If you don't have autism, believe me, you don't want it. I'd give up all my puzzle-writing talents to be a normal person, without this irrational suicidal depression stuff. But since I'm stuck with it, I'll work on overcoming my issues and providing you with puzzle-related entertainment.

To give me time to recuperate and readjust to the real world, I will resume the Wordy Wednesday series next week. To compensate for the missing weeks, every week in June will be a double puzzle week!

I want to devote myself more to mental illness and/or suicide activism in the future. Are there any good charities for these things that I could add to my Patron Puzzles for Philanthropy initiative? The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention has a four-star rating on Charity Navigator, and seems like a good candidate.

Until next time, keep on living, and yappy solving!

Wordy Wednesday 160: Pent Words 32

It's been two weeks, so time to unveil the answer to this puzzle. If you still wish to solve it yourself, please go here for the normal version of the puzzle, or here for the easier version of the puzzle. Here's a list of people who solved it:
Anthony Bailey **
Benjamin Smith **
Edderiofer He **
Giovanni Pagano **
Jack Bross **
M. Sean Molley **
Adam Weaver **
Bryce Herdt **
Deusovi **
Jason Boomer **
Ryan Faley **
Sam Levitin **

As of this writing, 10 people have solved last week's puzzle. Haven't solved it yet? Here's an easier version. Send your answers to glmathgrant[at]gmail[dot]com within the next week to appear on the solvers list and be recognized for your puzzle prowess. Good luck, solvers!

In this puzzle, you must divide the grid into pentominoes (regions containing five cells each), and write a letter in each cell. The rows, reading from left to right, will contain the words hinted at by the ACROSS clues. The letters in the pentominoes, in reading order (left to right starting with the top row), will form the words hinted at by the PENTOMINOES clues; these clues are presented in no particular order. (In the example, the rows spell PLANT, SHARE, and BITES, and the pentominoes spell the words PLANS, TREES, and HABIT.) Use the ACROSS answers to determine where the pentominoes are.
ACROSS (two answers per row):
1 Terrier's tether / Additional
2 Material in an Elvis song title / Because
3 Become dry and wrinkled / "Friends in ____ Places" (Garth Brooks song)
4 Peter of tongue twister fame / Private instructor
5 ____ deco / Like the shape of DNA
6 Be a skeptic / Extremely angry
7 Dis / Item worn around the neck in cold weather, perhaps
8 One shouting "Safe!", perhaps / Marlin's son
9 Kerchief / "See ya!"
10 Makes a quick note / Old ____ (1957 Disney film)

* New York city on the Mohawk River
* The ____ of Nibbleswicke (Roald Dahl book)
* Kazooie's partner
* "I Can't ____ 55" (Sammy Hagar song)
* Hotel lobby
* Impatient
* Saturday Night Live announcer Don
* A new ____ on life
* Fluid injected through the anus
* There are 19 in the board game Catan
* "Drops of Jupiter" band
* Large violin relative
* Japanese dish of rice and fish
* ____ of the ball
* The fourth most populous city in Australia
* Name on Joy Villa's dress at the 2017 Grammy Awards
* Large brass instruments
* Statue of Liberty's island

* More cryptic clues!

Until next time, yappy solving!

Patron Puzzles for Philanthropy Preview: Mini Cryptic Crossword Plus

Thus far, my charity initiative Patron Puzzles for Philanthropy, wherein a charitable donation of US$11.10 can get you a pack of 24 puzzles and 2 small metas, has raised a total of US$65 for Child's Play Charity and Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders. I decided to write this puzzle, a smaller version of Patron Puzzle #24, as a preview of what to expect in this puzzle pack, Have fun with it!
In this cryptic crossword, the answer from the wordplay half of each clue contains an extra letter. For example, if the clue were "Shy memo for North American canine (6)", the answer would be COYOTE, as clued by "North American canine"; the wordplay half clues COY+NOTE, which has an extra N. These extra letters can be anagrammed to produce this puzzle’s final 8-letter answer.
1 Nannies head west for a buck (4)
6 Orchestra's initially considerate with a wind instrument (7)
7 Excellent supporter, at last (7)
8 Endless ceremony for poet Dove (4)
2 Tennessee firearm: it's not worth much (6)
3 Ms. Knight is joyful, certainly (6)
4 Derisive person's strongbox (6)
5 Refrigerator decoration destroyed garment (6)

If you enjoyed this puzzle, consider participating in Patron Puzzles for Philanthropy. For the price of US$11.10, you will get access to a larger version of the puzzle above (with 31 cryptic clues instead of a mere 8) and a bunch of other puzzles that don't involve cryptic clues. For philanthropic people on a budget, I now offer this: you can get Patron Puzzle #24, Cryptic Crossword Plus, for a donation of just US$1! Hey, every little bit helps, they say. :)

Until next time, yappy solving!

Wordy Wednesday 159: Foxgeryptics 7

It's been two weeks, so time to unveil the answer to this puzzle. If you still wish to solve it yourself, please go here for the normal version of the puzzle, or here for the easier version of the puzzle. Here's a list of people who solved it:
Anthony Bailey **
Benjamin Smith *
Giovanni Pagano **
Jack Bross **
James Sinnett **
Bryce Herdt **
Ryan Faley **
Sam Levitin **

As of this writing, 12 people have solved last week's puzzle. Haven't solved it yet? Here's an easier version. The type of wordplay involved in each clue is specified in an effort to give cryptic crossword novices a foothold. Send your answers to glmathgrant[at]gmail[dot]com within the next week to appear on the solvers list and be recognized for your puzzle prowess. Good luck, solvers!

I have recently begun an initiative called Patron Puzzles For Philanthropy, wherein my first 24 Patron Puzzles will be made available to those who make charitable donations to Child's Play Charity and Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders. Click the link for more info!

This puzzle contains word suggested by patrons Anthony Bailey, James Sinnett, and M. Sean Molley. Support me on Patreon at the $5 per month level and solve the monthly Patron Puzzle for a chance to suggest a seed word for a future puzzle, or at the $20 per month level to suggest one seed word every month!
Insert a single letter in each space of each grid so that each grid's five rows and five columns spells a word from left to right or top to bottom (including the letters outside the grid). Arrange the letters in the shaded spaces to form the final answer, an eight-letter word.

* What'a s 5-letter word for "Saturday Night Live announcer Don"?

Until next time, yappy solving!

Patron Puzzles for Philanthropy

Be sure to check out all of the posts tagged "Patron Puzzles for Philanthropy" for the latest details on this initiative!

I have now been on Patreon for approximately 2 years, during which time I've posted 24 Patron Puzzles, which are available to people who give me $5 or more per month. Since then, one of those puzzles has been made available for free and one of those puzzles was made available to all patrons at the $1 level and up (to compensate for being late). Therefore, the total cost to access all of these puzzles, according to my calculations, is US$111. However, starting from now, I will e-mail you a ZIP file of all 24 of these puzzles for the low price of US$11.10, That's 90% off! The catch? You don't pay the money to me. (If you want me to have money, you should consider supporting me on Patreon and getting access to my Wordy Wednesday puzzles earlier than anyone else. You will also gain access to future Patron Puzzles.) Instead, in a small effort to contribute something good to the world, you shall instead make your US$11.10 payment (or a greater amount if you're feeling generous) to one of these two charities:
So far as I know, these two charities are fairly non-political and non-controversial. I have raised money for them in the past, and am happy to continue to do so.

So as to ensure that I have no opportunity to misappropriate funds, please e-mail me (glmathgrantATgmailDOTcom) a copy of your charitable receipt (it must be a new donation, dated no earlier than one day before you email me), and I will send Patron Puzzles #1-24 and Fox & Badger Magazine #1 & #2 (two small puzzle suites with metas). You will also receive all solutions (with the temporary exception of Patron Puzzle 24, the solution to which will be given next month; everyone who solves the puzzle by then, whether they received it through Patreon or via this charity drive, will be entered into a drawing, the winner of which gets to suggest a seed word for a future Wordy Wednesday puzzle).

Patron Puzzles include the following:
* Several 13x13 Codewords puzzles (example).
* Several 15x15 Pathfinder puzzles (example).
* Several 21x21 Framelinks puzzles (example).
* A giant Anacrossword (example).
* A Pent Words puzzle (example) that becomes a logic puzzle.
* Several 10x10 mini-crosswords.
* A puzzle three-pack inspired by my colleague Ryan Faley.
* A variety cryptic where the answers to the wordplay halves of the clues include extra letters (example).
* And much more!

Please spread the word about Patron Puzzles for Philanthropy amongst all of your puzzle-loving friends. I want to do as much good as I possibly can. I hope to make more puzzle packs available in the future, as well.

Yappy solving, everyone!

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