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Monday Mutant 86: Straight and Arrow (incorrect)

In this Straight and Arrow puzzle, none of the clues are correct. The rules are otherwise unchanged.
Heard of Indirect Yajilin? This is Incorrect Yajilin. Har har.


Anonymous said...

Fun puzzle. The logic of that "012" column on the left was particularly nice.
- Jack

Blaine said...

Pretty cool how you did this as a normal puzzle (501) and as a mutant using the same givens.

Grant Fikes said...

I was hoping someone would comment on that, Blaine! :) It was a bit of a tough construction to manage, but I'm really proud of the result.

chaotic_iak said...

Maybe since it's discovered, try to link Puzzle 501 in the entry. :)

Anonymous said...

oh, whoa, I just did Puzzle 501 and MM86 back-to-back. I thought my printer was bugging at first! Excellent touch, friend.

TheSubro said...

Simple enough, yet very satisfying. Expected the steps to be harder, but they were instinctive and straightforward. I crave more of these.



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