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Puzzle 506: Streaming Content 36

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TheSubro said...

Pleasant solve ... I often wonder when you choose to put your puzzles in this blog versus puzzle picnic or elsewhere. Do tell.



Grant Fikes said...

TheSubro: With very few exceptions, almost all of my puzzles on Puzzle Picnic appeared on this blog first. The exceptions are usually puzzle types that weren't popularized by Nikoli; when I later decide to use them as Monday Mutants, I create an all-new puzzle so Puzzle Picnic users don't get a repeat.

The only places I can think of where puzzles appear that weren't first on this blog are Akil Oyunlari and Sudoku Xtra. The puzzles I've made for them will never appear on this blog – gotta give my readers incentive to buy the magazine, after all. :)

Projectyl said...

Protip: If you want to solve a Nurikabe effectively, don't start it having just solved, like, twenty Tapa.

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