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Monday Mutant 103: Streaming Content / Block Band / Dominnocuous / Room and Reason (mastermind)

Solve the Streaming Content, Block Band, Dominnocuous, and Room and Reason puzzle simultaneously by the normal rules. A number between two rows or two columns in two different grids represents how many pairs of black cells would coincide if those two rows or columns were overlaid, without rotating them.
The longest filename this blog has ever seen!


rob said...

Excellent puzzle, thanks!

I got badly stuck about half-way through, and was half-convinced you left out a clue, especially since it seemed quite a bit more tricky than I'm used to from your puzzles.

I'm looking forward to a fresh solve some time. I'm wondering how tricky that will feel now I have those missing interactions down...


Anonymous said...

I was quite engaged. Difficult, but no Nikoli Octathlon, for which I'm extremely grateful. :-b

Grant Fikes said...

cyberjr: Heavens, not that one! >.< I never managed to get far in it.

Sami said...

This was the most fun puzzle I've done in a while! Looks like a tough one to construct.

Anonymous said...

Very nice!

Anonymous said...

One of your best. I was greatly slowed down by my lack of experience with Block Bands, but came around in the end. Great puzzle. Thanks.


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