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Rules -- Solomon's Keep

Solomon's Keep was invented by the Japanese puzzle company Nikoli (under the name Five Cells – that's a transliteration, not a translation, believe it or not).
1. Divide the grid along the grid lines into pentominoes (regions containing exactly five cells each).
2. A number in a cell represents how many edges of that cell are borders of pentominoes (including the perimeter of the grid).


Zotmeister said...

Your title for this puzzle type is PERFECT. - ZM

Grant Fikes said...

Zotmeister: I was worried the title would be too obscure or something. I know I've had to explain it to several friends who aren't as familiar with mathematicians and video games as we are. Glad you appreciated it!

Projectyl said...

I look forward to the inevitable hybrid "Where is Five Cells".

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