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Puzzle 556: Fencing Match 48

Mario Marathon 5 is on! Some random people are playing main series Mario games (from classics like Super Mario Bros. to the recent hits Super Mario Galaxy 2 and New Super Mario Bros. Wii). and raising money for the charity Child's Play! You should totally watch and/or donate. (Speaking of donating, I'll donate $1 for every person who e-mails me [] a correct solution to this puzzle within the next 24 hours, up to a maximum of $10. Get to work.)
(Edit: I feel slightly more charitable. Each solution after the first 10 solutions is worth 50 cents, up to a maximum of $25. Get to work!)
(Edit 2: David Millar of The Griddle is going to match my donation! Now you have even more incentive to get to work!)
(Edit 3: I'm extending the deadline by 24 hours. That's my last grace, though. For the duration of this exciting offer, a countdown timer on the left side of this blog will tell you how much time remains. Get to work before it hits zero!)
(Edit 4: The timer has expired. $21 was raised! A list of solvers will be included in a comment on this post.)


Grant Fikes said...

Thank you so much to the following individuals for sending me correct solutions and garnering $21.00 for Child's Play:
Alan O'Donnell
Ben Heaton
Cy Reb Jr.
Daniel Schieffer
Danielu Yoshikoto
David Millar
David Scherzinger
Jack Bross
Joe Fremeau
John Stanton
Jonah Ostroff
Markus Gutte
Minfang Lin
Paul T.
Pavel Curtis
Prasanna Seshadri
The Subro
Thomas Snyder
Xyie Fourseasons
Z puzzle
And last but not least, one individual who prefers anonymity. :)

Paul726 said...

I thought it worthwhile to note that there was actually $42 raised, after considering the matching donations. So thanks to Dave Millar too!

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