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Puzzle 558: Blackbarrier Jam 19

It seems I have a terrible habit of letting my blog go unnoticed (particularly as regards Monday Mutants) whenever I'm being commissioned to write a bunch of puzzles. I will try to fix this.

In unrelated news, my blog is ranked #12 on's rankings, right ahead of some blog that hasn't been updated since 2010 and right behind a blog about cats. Come on, guys. You're doing a disservice to other great puzzlers like Tom Collyer, Palmer Mebane, and Thomas Snyder when the random Texan, and not any of the actual world puzzle champions, is the guy who's almost as good as cats. If you enjoy their blogs, please click the boost button on their respective directory listings, and do not, under any circumstances, click the boost button on mine.

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Anonymous said...

Almost as good as cats? I loved it! It was much better than Cats! I'm going to see it again and again!

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