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Monday Mutant 117: The Inner Limits (multiplicative)

In this The Inner Limits puzzle, a number indicates the product of two quantities: the number of cells in an uninterrupted horizontal line from that cell (up to the nearest edges of the loop, and including the cell itself), and the number of cells in an uninterrupted vertical line from that cell (up to the nearest edges of the loop, and including the cell itself). The rules are otherwise unchanged.
Thomas Snyder posted a beautiful puzzle in preparation for the recent United States Puzzle Competition. It is my hope that I have made a puzzle at least as excellent as his.


Blaine said...

I'm enjoying these multiplicative corral/slitherlink/inner-limits puzzles.

While yours was fun, I think I have to give it to Tom on having a puzzle requiring more logic. The use of values like 25, 64, 49 in your puzzle, especially near the edges didn't leave to many options. It was obvious what the two dimensions were and it wasn't even like a 35 where you had to figure out if one dimension was 5 or 7. Tom used more numbers like 6, 8, 18, 20 and moved them away from the edges resulting in more possibilities for arrangements.

So, a good start and please make more. But try more variety in using numbers with multiple factors.

Grant Fikes said...

Blaine: To be fair, the large numbers in this one do form a theme, but yeah, I see what you mean.

Hopefully, the author of the puzzle on the actual test knows a thing or two about writing good puzzles. :)

JBross said...

I was very happy to see you represented on the actual USPC, Grant, and thought your puzzle there was one of the high points of the test. Lots of folks have singled it out for praise over at the LMI comment thread, as well. (My only complaint was counting up the answer key...)

Grant Fikes said...

Darn, JBross, I was trying to feign humility by not acknowledging that I wrote the actual test puzzle. Can't do that anymore! :P

Seriously, though, I'm happy that my little addition to the test is being so well-received. I felt really outclassed when I saw that motris had made a puzzle with a pretty 20/18/16/14/12/10/8/6/4/2 theme, but he said after the test that he liked how my puzzle used fewer givens than his; this puzzle is a bit of a happy medium for me. :)

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