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Logicsmith Exhibition 6: Shipping Pearls (RESULTS!)

Four weeks ago, I challenged my readers to an optimization task involving writing a Masyu whose unused cells form a Battleships solution. 12 people have entered this contest; their entries are collated here.
Two entries tied for the lowest score of 807; the winner, as decided by, is Robert Vollmert! He will receive a copy of my upcoming Grandmaster Puzzles e-book when it is released. In the meanwhile, I will also give him a copy of both issues of Fox & Badger Magazine so far, previously only available to Patreon supporters!

[Edited on 2016-12-23 to add an entry from Philipp WeiƟ, which was received before the deadline, but ended up in my spam folder and went unnoticed. Since Philipp did not get a winning score, the outcome of the competition was not affected.]


Unknown said...

Frig, how did I miss this.

rob said...

Thanks Grant for running the great contest, and both you and for the win! Congrats to Nikola in particular for the tied optimal solution, but I thought that all the puzzles were fun to solve -- seems the conditions were well chosen to lead to nice puzzles.

I've posted my first submission (a 908) just now at

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