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Puzzle 35: Polyominous 4

At 20x36, this Polyominous is of the largest size I've ever made. (It's not of the largest size Nikoli publishes, though; every volume of Puzzle the Giants contains four 23x37 Fillomino puzzles, and volume 21 even includes a most impressive 64x50 behemoth at the back of the book -- it's so huge, that you have to unfold the page in order to solve it!)


stigant said...

I think this puzzle may have (at least) 2 solutions.

Slight spoilers ahead.

Most of the puzzle is solvable, (nice work with the hidden 7 at the top and the 11's in the lower right). HOwever, when working on the area including, and just below, the 2 8-regions on the right side, I got stuck. There's a hidden (unclued) region of at least 7 squares which touches the leftmost 8. This region could be 9 squares (in which case it forces a unique solution for the rest of the puzzle) or 7 squares (in which case it allows for at least 2 more solutions for the rest of the puzzle). If you send email to, I'd be happy to send you an image with at least 2 of these solutions detailed.

Grant Fikes said...

Update: The above user e-mailed me to tell me that *e was wrong, and this puzzle had only one solution all along.

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