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Rules -- Polyominous

Polyominous was invented by the Japanese puzzle company Nikoli (under the name Fillomino). The name Polyominous is shamelessly swiped from Zotmeister (although he doesn't seem to mind).

1. Divide the grid into polyominoes that satisfy the following rules.
2. Every number in the grid must be contained in a polyomino containing that quantity of squares.
3. No two polyominoes containing the same quantity of squares may share an edge. (If every square were numbered according to the quantity of squares in its corresponding polyomino, no two identical numbers will ever be on opposite sides of an edge.)
4. A polyomino may contain one, more than one, or none of the numbers originally given.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see you're still at it. Your quantity times quality product is still higher than mine, I think. - ZM

Grant Fikes said...

Thanks, dude! It's because of you that I got into Nikoli and puzzlesmithing in the first place. I hope my future puzzles satisfy. =D (You might be interested in my NES music, too. There's a link to it in the blog's sidebar. So. . . yeah. Music! And logic!)

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful, that your puzzles also are on Otto Janko programmed a great fillomino-applet.

thanks, J├╝rgen from Germany

Grant Fikes said...

I completely agree, Anonymous; Otto's Fillomino applet is very well-made and fun to use. :)

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