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Puzzle 64: Numeral Crossing 3

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Anonymous said...

Where do you find these puzzles? I'd love to get more of them.

Grant Fikes said...

If you have PayPal or a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express card, and are willing to wait a few weeks for books to arrive, my number one recommendation is to go to Nikoli's ordering website ( and purchase the Nansuke books in their Pencil Puzzle Books series. Nansuke 3 has 78 puzzles, ranging from 8x8 through 14x24 in size, and spanning a wide range of difficulty levels; I cannot speak for the other two volumes. The only other books that I know for certain have Nansuke puzzles in them are the Puzzle Box series; volumes 2 and 9 have five Nansuke puzzles each, while the others have two each. These volumes also feature a variety of other puzzles, including Sudoku, Kakuro, Slitherlink, and many other genres that can be found on this blog.

I have seen many American publications with this kind of puzzle or variants thereof; however, Nikoli is the only company I know of for certain that makes said puzzles by hand, like I do, and I find theirs to be far superior in terms of creativity and amusement. :D

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