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Evil Zinger 6: Room and Reason

This Evil Zinger (EZ) is the most evil Room and Reason in the whole world. Be prepared to hurt your brain by making extensive use of every single rule of this genre of logic puzzles.


valvino said...

I have a question about this type of puzzle. With a 10x10 grid, divided into 100 smaller squares, what is the smallest number of clues that will yield a unique solution?

Grant Fikes said...

valvino: The puzzle you describe has precisely zero solutions. No amount of givens will cause it to have a unique solution.

Kate said...

Is the wrong puzzle posted here or am I missing something significant? It's already solved. Every 1 is in a singlet and all other boxes have 0 in it.

Maybe the original was replaced by accident?

Grant Fikes said...

Kate: What are you talking about? The puzzle doesn't have any shaded cells in it, and it is not already solved. You have to figure out which cells to shade in to solve it.

I can assure you that I did not post the wrong puzzle.

Kate said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

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