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Puzzle 213: Fencing Match 26

My birthday is in just a few days (May 26), and to celebrate, I am preparing a batch of the most utterly difficult logic puzzles that this blog, and perhaps even the entire internet, has ever seen! These special Evil Zingers (EZ's) are guaranteed to give even the most expert solver many days of frustration, so make sure to be here on May 26 to view them! If I'm inspired enough, I might even make EZ's a semi-regular feature.

Not that this has anything to do with the puzzle at hand.


Zotmeister said...

I look forward to those EZ's. It'll be just like Nikoli's once-a-year Super Hards, right? - ZM

Grant Fikes said...

Zotmeister: That is precisely what inspired the idea! :D

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