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Puzzle 247: Fencing Match 30

I'm sure that some of you (or maybe none of you) are wondering about whether I'll do anything special for my upcoming 250th puzzle. Well, of course I will -- I have had puzzle 250 made for quite some time, and now all I need to do is make 249 other puzzles.
I'm also sure that some of you (or none of you) are wondering about the status of that cake I designed for my 22nd birthday. Well, there's only one bakery my mother has used many times before, including on her most recent birthday, and therefore trusts with a cake of such epic proportions -- but it's in Abilene. She is holding out until she doesn't have to be in Dallas anymore, so we can more properly celebrate my 22nd birthday, no matter how late it is. I promise to have photos of the cake when we actually have it made. :)

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