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Puzzle 250: Pearls of Wisdom 27

Yep -- I've hit yet another milestone. Time for a giant puzzle. Woohoo.

Now is a good time to reflect on what happened since puzzle 200. Well. . . I've posted 50 more puzzles, obviously -- 58 if you include these evil buggers. Oh, and I've learned that Dallas is really huge, and has the potential to be really fun; however, amazing dogs in Abilene are always even better than Dallas. Additionally, I've been having correspondences with a few people at Conceptis; I don't know how my blog managed to get around to them, but hey, I'll take any encouraging words about how great my puzzles are that I can get! :D Anyway, yeah. Enjoy this 31x45 Pearls of Wisdom.
Rules of Pearls of Wisdom
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Chris said...


Grant Fikes said...

I am very happy to hear you solved this! However, you're not the first -- at least two other people have solved the puzzle, and sent their solutions privately as proof. :)

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