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Puzzle 282: Fencing Match 31

As some of you may already know and care about (or maybe even know and not care about), I am a creator of NES chiptunes. Yesterday, I created a cover version of "7 Joyful Automatons", a song originally composed by an individual who calls himself Oren Otter. Then I got a crazy idea to make a puzzle themed around the number 7, and post it with a link to the song. But then I found this puzzle I made about three weeks ago, and thought, "Hey, those kinda look like 7's. Yeah, let's go with that." Please feel free enjoy this puzzle and the aforementioned song -- possibly at the same time. :)


Foggy Brume said...

I'm not sure if the 7s theme really comes looks a little too much like a swastika.

Grant Fikes said...

But it's a swastika divided into four pieces, which represents the total destruction of Nazism in modern society! :D

. . . Yeah. Like I said, I composed this puzzle with no particular theme in mind. Only in retrospect did I decide that it remotely resembled 7's. If I feel less lazy, though, I might compose another puzzle with 7's -- one that might actually look like 7's. :)

Thanks for the comment, Foggy!

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