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Puzzle 283: Polyominous 30

Foggy Brume said that my previous puzzle "looks a little too much like a swastika", and not enough like 7's. Well, as I said in the comments, the puzzle wasn't intended to look like 7's, but was retroactively deemed to "kinda look like 7's" when I wanted to post a puzzle in honor of my cover version of the song "7 Joyful Automatons", and was too lazy to actually make a new puzzle. However, I'm less lazy now. Behold, six 7's, and not a swastika in sight. It would have been nice to have seven 7's, but for obvious reasons involving my insistence on arranging the givens symmetrically and the asymmetry of the digit 7, this couldn't have been done. (For similar reasons, half of the 7's are upside down.) Oh, and the largest number in the puzzle is 7, too. Hope you're happy, Foggy! :) ;) But seriously. . . enjoy this puzzle.


Trayton said...

I like the hidden seven. Once I found part of it, I assumed that the rest of it was there too. Well played.

Grant Fikes said...

What hidden seven?



Grant Fikes said...
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