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Puzzle 343: Circumnavi-Gates 4

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Georgi said...

Hmm, I'd seen these before but never tried to solve any. I didn't think I would like them. These were pretty fun, though - and easy. I guess you wanted to start out simple. Do they come much harder than this?

Grant Fikes said...

They definitely come in bigger and more difficult varieties than the four I've published so far; in fact, while I don't own said issue yet, Puzzle Communication Nikoli 129 has a Super Giant Suraromu puzzle (which is presumably 64x50 like all Super Giants). However, since Suraromu is a very recent invention (2006), not many have been published yet. As such, I don't have as much of a feel for all of the possibilities which this puzzle type offers. However, come Christmas, when I will receive a bunch of Nikoli books I've already ordered, you can definitely expect to see more of these. :)

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