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Monday Mutant 23: Room and Reason (symmetry)

In this Room and Reason puzzle, a room with an S in it must have 180-degree rotational symmetry, and a room with an A in it must NOT have 180-degree rotational symmetry. The rules are otherwise unchanged.
Remember kids: the letter S stands for "symmetry" and has 180-degree rotational symmetry, and the letter A stands for "asymmetry" and doesn't have 180-degree rotational symmetry.


Anonymous said...

Fun and creative. Once you size up the situation enough to figure out the break-in points, it flows pretty logically and smoothly. It's fun to see the different ways that the A's and S's push the puzzle. I would say that this one messes with your head less than some mutants do, since your basic strategy for Heyawake is preserved intact, but it does provide a nice little twist on a familiar puzzle.
- Jack B

David S said...

Like Jack said, this one wasn't super-tough, but it was a nice solve nonetheless.

One thing I noticed (but didn't have to use to solve) is that if there's a symmetric 2xOdd block, the middle pair are both white. Maybe if you do this kind of puzzle again, you could force this kind of logic in the solution. Just a thought.

Scott said...

Nice variant!

Jonah said...

David, are you sure you didn't use that observation on the S-dominoes at the top of the puzzle? I think if you ignore that break-in, the only other one is the A-dominoes in the bottom, and those don't get you far on their own.

Or am I missing something?

David S said...

@Jonah: I'm realizing now that those are just a special case of what I was talking about XD

I did use the S-dominoes as a break-in. Still, I think it would be interesting to see the logic applied to larger boxes.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the most fun and naturally elegant variants of any puzzle that I've seen in a long time. I'd be interested to see just how far the difficult can be turned up, and I'm half-tempted to have a go myself!


Georgi said...

This was a fun, albeit not very difficult solve, I'm looking forward to another specimen of this mutation, perhaps exploring, as David suggested, some of the more specific restrictions that the new rules introduce.

valvino said...

What you have here is one lovely variant, logical and with its own tricks, can't wait for some more!

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