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Monday Mutant 68: Pearls of Wisdom (total / minesweeper)

In this Pearls of Wisdom puzzle, there are no clues inside the grid. Instead, you are to both draw a loop and place black pearls and white pearls in every cell that could legally contain one. A number represents how many pearls are in cells which share a corner or an edge with the cell containing the number; the loop may not pass through a cell containing a number.
My most sincere apologies for this week's Monday Mutant being late; I already have at least one other Monday Mutant prepared, though, so this lateness won't be repeated next week. :)


David Millar said...

Great MM - easily makes my all-time favorites. :) Bottom left was really satisfying to finish.

Anonymous said...

I was pretty glad I had a little experience with total masyu (including Motris' "hidden color" variant from his LMI test) on this one. Particularly useful is the fact that any black pearl must have white pearls in each of the two directions it's pointing, which eliminates black pearls from quite a few locations as the puzzle progresses.

For me, all four corners provided an interesting and varied break-in of some sort, and the key became figuring out how the various ends flowed around the stuff in the middle and connected up.

- Jack

Georgi said...

Great puzzle! And good idea to combine these types, they work surprisingly well together.

Anonymous said...

That was really fun mutant. Thanks.

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