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Monday Mutant 67: Pearls of Wisdom (alternate truths/lies)

In this Pearls of Wisdom puzzle, some of the pearls are lying, and are the wrong color (that is, the pearl is black when it should be white, or vice versa). The loop must alternate between lying pearls and truthful pearls. The rules are otherwise unchanged.


Jonah said...
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Jonah said...

My bad, I figured out my mistake.

Anyway, sweet puzzle.

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy good Masyu variants. For me, one of the nicer aspects of this one is the logic when you have two loose ends that you might want to connect but which have the wrong "parity" so you have to push them around the puzzle until one of them hits something.
- Jack

term said...

I'm pleasantly surprised this rule variant works. I second both the "sweet" and the "parity push is fun" sentiments. Halfway through, I stopped to figure out the truth value of my remaining undetermined clue from the global count constraint, and insisted on trying to make that determination useful for a while.
I've even been inspired to look for less obvious break ins for this sort of puzzle.

David Millar said...

Really enjoyed this one.

reesylou said...

Very enjoyable. An interesting twist.

TheSubro said...


Similar to other comments, I was surprised with the nice little tricks you injected as the paths grew. After an initial run around the perimeter, I thought "boy, is this gonna be an endless series of attempts, failures, erasures, ... but instead it was a series of finding the next contradiction that would push the path along. very enjoyable variation.

Thanks for that.

The Subro

Deb said...

Very interesting twist and more interesting puzzle.

Enjoyed a lot!

Anonymous said...

Nice Puzzle. I liked the way it connects at the end.

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