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Puzzle 543: Blackbarrier Jam 17

I turn 25 next month! Not that this fact is relevant at all to this puzzle!


Anonymous said...

This puzzle has absolutely nothing to do with 25.
Very nice puzzle.

Boomer said...

Whatever will you do when you turn 34?

Grant Fikes said...

Boomer: I certainly won't make a 17x17 Blackbarrier Jam with a 34 in it. Maybe a puzzle with many 3's and 4's together.

David Millar said...

It would have to be 18x18 anyway, since the largest possible clue for Blackbarrier Jam is 2n-1.

chaotic_iak said...

I noticed 42 = 7 x 6. (See top-left.) :P

Carole said...

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