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March Mutant 31: Streampunk (make room)

Shade in some cells black such that the black cells are all connected to each other through their edges, and no 2x2 cell area within the grid contains all black cells. Numbers in a cell indicate the sizes of the orthogonally contiguous groups formed by black cells sharing a corner or an edge with that cell. For example, "3" means that the cell shares a corner or an edge with three black cells, and they form a single group, whereas "1 2" means the cell shares a corner with three black cells which form a group of two cells and a single separate cell. Cells with numbers cannot be black. Additionally, every outlined region of more than one cell must contain exactly five black cells.
Well, Quantity-Not-Quality Month is over, so I'll need to think of some other excuse for my puzzles being lacking in quality. What if I decided tomorrow to stop posting puzzles on this blog, and to post everything in the universe besides puzzles? That might be a good excuse. Nah, too lazy this year. Guess I'll have to resort to actually making high-quality puzzles.

Regular Monday Mutants will resume in the middle of April!


Anonymous said...

You should try Quantity-Not-Quality Year, like I've been doing since I started my blog. I can wait till 2013! :P

Nice puzzle, I've always liked this variation.

chaotic_iak said...

I expect 8 puzzles of devil difficulty tomorrow. (Well, today here.)

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