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Monday Mutant 129: Streaming Content / Tetra Firma

Shade in tetrominoes in simultaneous accordance with the rules of Streaming Content and the rules of Tetra Firma. (As the grid isn't partitioned into regions, the rule of Tetra Firma that every region contains one tetromino is waived.)
Is it possible to create a 10x10 puzzle with these rules and only 4's as givens? I don't doubt it, but I lack the patience to do so at this time. Maybe one of my clever readers can accomplish it. :)


Anonymous said...

One of your 'clever' readers accomplished it:

I think it's relatively hard, but it cost me enough time to make it as it is.

- Wouter

PS: Nice blog!

Grant Fikes said...

Wouter: I am duly impressed by your effort! After much bifurcation, I arrived at a single unique solution. Glad you like the blog, too. :)

Coaster1235 said...

Mmm, excellent puzzle. Now I feel like making some borderless LITS variants.

Grant Fikes said...

Coaster1235: Go for it! I've been fascinated by the possibilities for LITS variants for years. :)

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