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Rules -- Bridged Series

Bridged Series was invented by the Japanese puzzle company Nikoli (under the name Hashiwokakero).
1. Draw horizontal and vertical bridges (diagonal bridges are not allowed) between the islands according to the following rules.
2. A number on an island indicates how many bridges are connected to that island.
3. At most two bridges can connect a pair of islands.
4. A bridge may not cross over an island or another bridge.
5. All of the islands must be connected via the bridges. (It must be possible to get from any island to any other island using the bridges.)


Edderiofer said...

In the puzzles I usually play, loops aren't allowed, whereas the example shows a loop. Perhaps you could set "no loops" as a Monday Mutant?

Grant Fikes said...

Edderiofer: My motivation for finally having Hashi represented on this blog was seeing a bunch of computer-generated Hashi by Conceptis; I felt like I really needed to try to outdo them artistically and/or logically.

Regarding loops, I've seen them in both Nikoli and in Conceptis, although they aren't common. I noticed while fiddling with Tatham's applet that there's an option to allow loops; are those the ones you usually play?

Edderiofer said...

I do believe they are my usual fare, yes. I really didn't notice that some Conceptis' Hashi was computer-generated (though they often require logical leaps/assumptions which I cannot think of how to get to). Of course, setting "no loops" as an additional rule could result in some very clever logic; I'll just have to wait until the Monday when that happens.

Grant Fikes said...

Edderiofer: Not noticing that Conceptis puzzles are computer-generated is sort of odd, IMO; see Maze-a-Pix History and Link-a-Pix history, where Conceptis advertises having the first computer algorithm for making these kinds of puzzles. The website also mentions that Number Logic puzzles are cheaper than Picture Logic puzzles precisely because they need to pay humans to create the artwork. It's like not noticing that my puzzles are handmade, or that I'm a fox/badger furry. :)

Regarding no loops, I'm not sure what I could do with that. Besides, isn't a double bridge a very thin loop anyway?

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