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Puzzle 614: Process of Illumination 41

I'm trying to train my mother in the fine art of solving Process of Illumination puzzles; thus far, she's having some trouble with it, but desires more training to get stronger. I have a huge pool to pull from. . . .


Anonymous said...

As a puzzle educator at times myself, I'm wondering if you are using the typical paper format of the Process of Illumination puzzles here or the electronic nature of those oddly named Process of Illumination puzzles from Japan. Playing with little lights when I tap squares is my favorite illumination-based solving process.

Grant Fikes said...

motris: We've been sticking to paper, because the easiest places to get Mom into a puzzle-solving mindset are in her bedroom (where she has no computer access right now) and in restaurants. This is definitely one puzzle genre where the learning curve can be eased via electronics, though.

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