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Grant's Review Corner: Volume 10

For the tenth edition of Grant's Review Corner, this one's a video instead of a bunch of text! This review tackles a game that's haunted me since the early 2000's; I've felt it necessary to finally get my opinions on this game out of the way for all to see.

Perhaps I'll review more of this company's games in the future, but for now, I think my opinion on this one summarizes my opinion on virtually all of the games.


Anonymous said...

Alright, so this game is a bit similar to Inspector Parker; I'm not quite sure which is better in terms of the mechanics as I never played Dinner With Moriarty and I last played Inspector Parker like years ago. I'm not quite sure why I make this comment...


Grant Fikes said...

chaosatthesky: Oh wow, I forgot that game existed. I remember there being people who deemed that game an inferior Sherlock clone when it came out. It has its similarities, especially the interface.

I'm trying now to remember how I first discovered that game. Was it someone on the kasergames mailing list? For some reason, I want to say that RealPlayer was involved, but maybe my mind is making up things. :)

Logic Lover said...

I play the most 'advanced' form every day, more than once - along with some of the other games, too, of course. I love it!

Unknown said...

Inspector Parker is very similar to Kaser's Sherlock, but simplified, with nicer graphics and a story line for the casual gaming market. I own and have played a lot of both, and Sherlock is much the superior in mechanics and replay ability.
I also like the follow-up to Inspector Parker, BeTrapped!, which is an enhanced version of Minesweeper wrapped in a 1920's mystery novel. :)
Interesting review, Grant. I always wonder if all the diners have to share the 4 napkins, or if it's first come, first serve. :)

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