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Grant's Review Corner: Volume 11

From the same guy who brought you Dinner With Moriarty, the murder mystery where the murderer kills himself approximately 17.7% of the time, we get this computer game from 2011. Is the author of this game any better at writing stories since 1997? Juubi and I will find out together!

The incredible thing is that this guy's company Everett Kaser Software sells a CD with 32 games on it! At least he has the sense to sell it for a mere $99.95, as opposed to Action 52's price tag of $199. If the other 30 games are the same quality as these two games, then. . . well, you can immediately surmise whether to buy it or not.

ERRATUM: Dansk is actually Danish, not Dutch. I got the first letter right, at least.

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Anonymous said...

Very glad I listened all the way to the end to learn it could now be played in Dutch. And now I'm thinking of how to add "story" to the puzzle content we are posting. Who knew that Cross the Streams puzzles kept mythological demons sealed in the spirit realm? People who read the updated rules and info page!

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