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A Young Mag is Gone

It has come to my attention that Will Shortz's Wordplay, the first puzzle magazine in which I have ever gotten published, is being discontinued due to poor sales. I am ever grateful to Eric Berlin for turning my random conversation with him about my new puzzle type Pent Words into an opportunity to be published, and to Ian Livengood for his helpful correspondence, and I hope that I might get published in another magazine using the knowledge and skills I've gained. In the meanwhile, I have decided to offer a compilation of 14 unpublished Will Shortz's Wordplay submissions:
1 Double Trouble
2 Framelinks puzzles
1 Flower Power
1 Letter Perfect
4 Pathfinders
3 Pent Words
1 Snake Crisscross
1 Something Different
The ZIP file includes all 14 puzzles and their answers, in the formats they were originally submitted (with the exception of the redaction of my mailing address). I release these puzzles under a pay what you want model: if you think they're worth something, send me some money via PayPal at glmathgrant[at]gmail[dot]com.

So, what of my future? Where will my puzzles appear next? There's Games World of Puzzles, but I could never figure out whether people take that publication seriously or not; it has somewhat a reputation for errata and reprinting puzzles, and the newest incarnation doesn't seem to offer the "Laundry" and "Eureka" sections where readers report broken puzzles. Oddly enough, despite being a bit of a gamer, I don't want games and puzzles in the same magazine if I can help it; I'd rather get my games from BoardGameGeek and my puzzles from a magazine filled to the brim with wordplay and logic goodness. At least Games finally figured out that you shouldn't have your answers section in the middle of the magazine, especially when the last page of it faces the first page of some article someone might want to read. They have some writers' guidelines, but given how the rest of the site looks, I cannot be guaranteed that it's up to date (does Games World of Puzzles have fake ads anymore?). Plus, many years ago, I submitted a Masyu without even the courtesy of a rejection letter, which is very discouraging, and I don't yet have the hubris to expect a response if I submit something again.

I've always liked the idea of writing a Sit & Solve book for Pent Words, but I'm not sure whether Puzzlewright Press is reachable, given that a colleague with much higher standing than me pitched a Sit & Solve book without getting a response for over a year, and that their Twitter account has been very stale. I might have a better chance of getting a book of my puzzles published via the Kickstarter route that David Millar took for his Paranormal Puzzle Pack.

Until I find another publication venue, here's to hoping that Thomas Snyder gets adjusted soon, so my logic puzzles can once again be enjoyed by the world.

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Edderiofer said...

You could try Puzzler Media, though they're a UK-based magazine publisher, so you may not be able to see the fruits of your efforts.

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