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Puzzle 11: Fencing Match 2

No comment.


ralphmerridew said...

The image seems to have disappeared.

Grant Fikes said...

Interesting; it hasn't disappeared for me. :O

Phil said...

Once again, here's the 'Specific...' game ID if anyone else wants to use sgt-puzzles to solve this:


I hand-transcribed the puzzle into that form, so I apologise if it's incorrect. That said, I just solved it post-transcription and it seemed to work just fine.

I liked this puzzle quite a bit. It's funny; even though I own a bunch of Nikoli books, some strange mental process of mine keeps me from marking them up, so I either transcribe the puzzles or, more frequently, just do the autogenerated ones that 'Loopy' can make. This puzzle reminded me that hand-built ones are wildly superior. There's just more going on in a puzzle built by a human.

Grant Fikes said...

Indeed! A human can have very fine control over the actual solving process, as well as arrange the numbers in beautiful ways that a computer just can't. I believe this puzzle is a fine example of the former, even if it is a mediocre example of the latter. :D

Maybe you should overcome your fear of marking up the books, or at least photocopy them, and mark the photocopies. I've solved several books of Nikoli Slitherlink already, and I can attest to the amazing quality. :)

Phil said...

But photocopying will require me to destroy the spines ...

Yeah. I need to get over that. Or accept the fact that I'm weird about books and buy a second copy of them all so I can mark directly in those. Transcription is okay for the occasional puzzle, but it's a pretty laborious process.

Grant Fikes said...

Take a photo with a digital camera?

Or maybe try this site: . If you can figure out the interface (it's all Japanese), it's much easier to transcribe the puzzles. :) You can even create direct links, like this:

Pretty useful. :)

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