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Puzzle 79: Totally Awesum 6

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Trayton said...

I finished it, but I had two solutions in the bottom left, the rows with 13 and 10. Kakro feels hard to craft. I noticed you had a lot of singleton permutations (45/9, 35/6, 15/5, 10/4, 11/4, 24/3, 16/2, 17/2) such that I knew what the numbers were, just not the order. I don't know if I could've done better, but it's just an observation.

I think I dislike Kakro since I have to do additional partitions when I enter one value into 19/3s and and 17/5s. "Now I've reduced this 17/5 to a 14/4, so what options are left." But that's just between me and this puzzle type.

Thanks for the continued variety of puzzles!

Grant Fikes said...

There is only one solution there. You are either missing something or erring.

Glad you like my puzzles, even if this particular genre isn't your cup of tea, anyway. :)

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