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Puzzle 93: Polyominous 12

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Trayton said...

Whew. Finally got it. Mechanically, how do you solve Polyominous puzzles? I usually fill in the grid with different colors in MS Paint. Takes a little bit of time to swap between colors though. My printer sucks, so I do most of them in paint, either drawing lines or filling in boxes with colors.

Grant Fikes said...

Yeah, I get a feeling that this puzzle's a bit morre difficult than my usual offerings, considering that ralphmeridew is still working on solving it. :)

I deliberately designed the grid so that individual cells could be colored easily in Microsoft Paint, as you are doing, as it seems to be a common method among solvers. I generally use Paint.NET to test-solve my Polyominous puzzles; I add another layer to the image, and draw lines on that layer to divide the grid into pieces or to show which cells are connected. Then when I'm done, I go to the lower layer and color in the 1's, then the 2's, the 3's, etc. This doubles as a means of checking that my solution is valid, as well, which is very important in test-solving. XD But, yeah, that's pretty much it. :3

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