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Puzzle 100: Fencing Match 13


No, seriously. One hundred puzzles is a huge deal, and I wanted my hundredth puzzle to be special. So here it is -- the largest Fencing Match puzzle I have ever constructed. I test-solved it TWICE, just to be safe. It was definitely worth the effort. I'd like to thank all of the people who have supported my logicsmithing efforts for making this behemoth possible. I look forward to another hundred.
Rules of Fencing Match
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Trayton Otto said...

I just printed this sucker out at work so I can work on it on the bus this evening. Looking forward to it!

Trayton Otto said...

Wow. I think that took me about 5 hours. My last connection was near row 30, column 20 (by the 1-1-2 column). I was stuck with about 85% of it done and had one long strip that I couldn't get into. I finally proved to myself that a couple paths led to loops and eventually broke through.

Great puzzle. I'm scared of what you're gonna do for #200.

Grant Fikes said...

:D I'm glad that you finally finished it, and enjoyed doing so. And scaring my solvers is what I'm all about on this blog, you know. <3

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