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Puzzle 289: Eliza Pseudonym of Puzzlania 11

Since these kinds of logic problems rely on clear prose as much as they do on valid logic, I often (as I have here) solicit editorial help from outsiders. Today, I decided to bother -- I mean, politely ask Dave Shukan (AKA Tinhorn) for his assistance. Discussing semantics with him is always intellectually stimulating, and may have been the most fun part of creating this puzzle. :)

Rules of Eliza Pseudonym of Puzzlania

Eliza Pseudonym and five of her friends (Anna, Barbra, Carla, Delilah, and Fiona) recently met together to play Bingo. In the game of Bingo, each player is given a 5x5 card, as depicted below. The columns are labeled with the letters B, I, N, G, and O, from left to right. The center space on the grid is marked as the Free Space. The objective of the game is for each player to try to be the first one to get a Bingo by filling in five spaces in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line on her own card. The group played 12 games of Bingo; each of the six players ended up winning exactly two games, and each possible winning Bingo line (the five rows, the five columns, and the upper-left-to-lower-right and upper-right-to-lower-left diagonals) was used exactly once. From the clues below, determine which woman won each game, and with what line.

1. No woman won two consecutive games.
2. No two consecutive Bingos incorporated the Free Space.
3. A winning Bingo was made in the upper-left-to-lower-right diagonal sometime before one was made in the upper-right-to-lower-left diagonal.
4. The first game and the last game were both won by a woman filling in a column headed by a letter contained in her first name.
5. The winner of game 5 also won a game that was either three games before or three games after the one where the winning Bingo was in the top row.
6. The winning Bingo in the column labeled I occurred sometime after the one in the bottom row.
7. Barbra won both the game immediately before and the game immediately after the game in which the second row from the top formed the winning Bingo.
8. Eliza, who was the winner of the eighth game, won an odd-numbered game via a diagonal line.
9. Carla's first victory (which was not won with a line containing the cell in the upper-right corner) was in the sixth game after the one in which the winner had filled in the column labeled G.
10. One of Delilah's wins was in the fifth game after one of Anna's wins.
11. The woman who filled in an entire column to win game 4 also won a different game that was the second game to follow the one where the fourth row from the top was filled in.

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