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Puzzle 320: Ripple Play 4

This wound up being a little bit on the hard side. (I think this is a good thing.)


Anonymous said...

There are two possible solutions, maybe that was the point?

I like the genre, thou it would be nice with a couple of hard ones :)

Grant Fikes said...

If there are two solutions, then I have made a mistake.

Mistakes are NEVER the point.


Grant Fikes said...

I checked the puzzle *again*. There should not be more than one solution. Anonymous, please e-mail your solutions to glmathgrant[at]gmail[dot]com, and I'll point out why they're wrong, or concede that I goofed and fix the puzzle. :)

stigant said...

I also only got one solution.

Word Verification: forkery - martial arts utilizing cutlery. The Blue Raja was a master of forkery.

Jim said...

Same here. I only saw one way to the solution. I would have expected to be confused at some point during solving if the solution was ambiguous, and that didn't happen, so I think this puzzle has a unique solution.

mellowmelon said...

You say it's on the hard side like it's a bad thing. :<

Grant Fikes said...

*edits the post*

What are you talking about, melon? I never said it was a bad thing! :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, my bad. I just finished it again and it was flawless.
I thought I double-checked everything but apparently I made a misstake.

Keep up the good work!

mellowmelon said...

Well, I probably shouldn't be talking. If there's one thing I haven't figured out how to do, it's how to make an easy puzzle that's still interesting.

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