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Puzzle 327: Tetra Firma 22

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TheSubro said...

Grant -

Love your blog. Appreciate the time and effort you put in for our benefit.

With that said, ... Tetra Firmas are just the worst logic puzzles out there. The breakins are immediate, and I might as well be solving an "Easy Sudokus for Spring Break Teas by Will Shortz" puzzle.

Love your blog. Appreciate the time and effort you put in for our benefit.


Grant Fikes said...

TheSubro: Is this the only LITS/Tetra Firma puzzle you've ever solved? I purposely toned the difficulty down on this specimen, so I could use it as an example of a very easy LITS puzzle in a discussion on a puzzle forum. I personally believe you should hold off from judging LITS as being worse than Sudoku until you've solved at least these three specimens:

Puzzle 151 (10x10, not quite as easy as this one)
Puzzle 150 (31x45, far from trivial)
Puzzle 275 (also 31x45 and far from trivial; demonstrates the artistic possibilities for LITS by having blocks in the shape of the number 275)

If you still don't like LITS after having solved any of these, then I'm fine with that. :)

Anonymous said...

If you ever get your hands on Puzzle Communication Nikoli 128, there is a large and crazy LITS whose solution forms a picture. The process of solving it was well crafted too. That won me over to believing there was a chance for real creativity in the type.

Grant Fikes said...

A picture-forming LITS? That's amazing!

As it turns out, I've already ordered volumes 117, 127, and 128 as part of a package of Nikoli books that I won't be allowed to open until Christmas. I guess I'll be solving that LITS then, huh? :)

Grant Fikes said...

Okay, I solved that LITS MellowMelon referred to; it is indeed extremely amazing, and the fact that someone came up with this idea and executed it so beautifully is extraordinary. In fact, as it says on the page, it's a reprint of a puzzle from Puzzle Communication Nikoli 122, so it's a very historic puzzle, as well. :)

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