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Puzzle 326: Artist's Block 8

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TheSubro said...

Well, I am figuring this fella didnt solve the puzzle. I did, but still can't tell what the image was supposed to be. Hint?

Grant Fikes said...

I am figuring this fella is a spambot who posts completely irrelevant links to escort services on my blog. :P The comment has been deleted.

TheSubro, shoot me an email, and I'll tell you what the image is supposed to be. (I must be really bad at pixel art. D: )

Anonymous said...

I had a better idea of what the picture was than I have for almost all of Nikoli's "picture" puzzles I've done (although there might be a culture gap to account for), if that's any consolation.

Grant Fikes said...

mellowmelon: ralphmerridew, who solved the puzzle and sent me his solution, and my mother, who vetted the image before I made the puzzle, both incorrectly identified the image, although they were, in a sense, close; my mother agreed that the image looked more like what I intended it to look like when I told her. :)

You can e-mail me, too, if you want me to confirm your suspicions regarding what it is. :)

Jim said...

After fixing a few mistakes during solving (I guess I was going too fast), I finished the puzzle. On checking with Grant, I found out that I correctly recognized the image. I do see how it could be misidentified though; pixel art is a bit tricky.

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