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Puzzle 483: Proof of Quilt 3

By popular demand, this puzzle now has solid lines!


Blaine said...

Could I have dashed lines? Perhaps in chartreuse? :)

Thanks for the additional solid lines. Fun puzzle as always.

Scott said...

Nice. The lines make this much more palatable in MSPaint :).

The Grim Recapper said...

You know, the faint lines would also work well in Slitherlink puzzles for those who like to color inside/outside cells when solving. Especialy on the big ones.

Grant Fikes said...

The Grim Recapper: This change was easy to implement, because I only needed to alter 3 images (two previous puzzles); because it seemed like it'd help more than a very, very, very tiny niche of people; and because I didn't feel it made the images too ugly. The suggestion to make Proof of Quilt flood-fill-friendly was made by /dev/joe, who's sent valid solutions to hundreds of my puzzles, among other people. While keeping track of which cells are inside or outside the loop in Fencing Match makes certain deductions easier, ONLY doing that WITHOUT drawing the loop does NOT make things easier at all, and you can just use colored marks for inside and outside rather than flood-fill. Also, I like being able to flood-fill the completed loop to quickly visually confirm that it's only one single loop. Additionally, I'd need to make over 50 images uglier.

Your suggestion is not happening yet. :)

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