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Monday Mutant 63: Melon's Secret Castle

Draw a single loop that connects the grid cells. The loop may only travel horizontally or vertically, and never diagonally (so all turns are of 90 degrees). The loop may only turn at the centers of grid cells, and may not cross itself or branch off. A cell containing a number and an arrow represents the total length of the horizontal (for a left or right arrow) or the vertical (for an up or down arrow) line segments in the row or column pointed at by the arrow (or, equivalently, how many cell boundaries the loop passes through in that direction). The loop may not pass through a cell containing a numbered arrow clue, but all such clues which are in a white cell must be inside the loop, and all black cells must be outside the loop.
In news completely unrelated to puzzles, my second Square Root of Minus Garfield strip has been published. Check out it!


james39562 said...

I don't know why, but I had to restart this puzzle three times before I solved it. It's not really that hard (no offense, Grant). I guess I'm just having an off day.

Blaine said...

For me it was a case of overlooking the white 1^ square in column 3. I thought I had a case of non-unique solutions until I realized I had violated that.

Fun as usual!

David Millar said...

Barely managed to solve this after pulling an all nighter but I enjoyed the solution immensely.

Anonymous said...

Great work, and a tad challenging for the size too. You should post more of these. =P

TheSubro said...

Okay, let me say it ... this was a very basic version of this puzzle. Nice to do on a site other than MellowMelon's but a tad basic.

Expectations are always a factor in life. If I expect a movie or meal to be great, then it sets the bar high. When I saw that you had made one of these I might have gotten a tad too excited, and the high expectations were just not met. Keep trying, for all of our benefit.



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