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Puzzle 490: Quad-Wrangle 20

After you're done wrangling these quadrangles (or before, if you wish), check out this quad-run of the first four Super Mario Bros. games (including the game known as Super Mario Bros. 2 in Japan and The Lost Levels elsewhere). This quad-run aims to beat all four games using the exact same series of button presses. As a tool-assisted run, this series of button presses was not achieved by a person playing the game in real time as the games were meant to be played, but through the use of emulators with savestates, slowdown, frame advance, and other tools; see this topic for more information before crying "hax!" or "cheater!".


Anurag Sahay said...

Some lovely logic gives no "width"
to the 12s to start.Love the way it flows from the top to bottom and back to the top for a very nice and unusual finish on the centre-right.

Anurag Sahay said...

You can actually cheat with some uniqueness logic on the top-left corner.I dont think u had considered that during construction.

Spheniscine said...

Interactive link: here

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