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Puzzle 499: Tetra Firma 31

This is puzzle 499, which can only mean one thing: the next puzzle is going to be 500! What could I possibly have in store for this milestone? Only MellowMelon and motris know, and I highly doubt that they're going to spoil the surprise for you! You'll just have to wait.


Giovanni P, said...

Oh, I was wondering when 500 would get here. It's been nice to see this recent spurt of activity from you to be honest; although I would assume most of your time recently was spent working on the LMI contest.

As to what puzzle 500 is... I'm personally hoping for something big, like maybe your first Super Giant (64x50 I think?) puzzle, or at least a nice and difficult Giant. I'm sure you put quite a bit into it, and I'm highly looking forward to it. Hopefully we'll see it in a week or two (my guess is July 4th).

As to this puzzle...let me finish it first, then I'll get back to you. The squares in the middle look quite inviting though.

TheSubro said...

Great big Tetra Firma Grant. NIce novelty in the middle and the pattern that ran down the left side was interesting as well. Love the global constraint stuff.

Thanks. Looking forward to #500.


linked_puffbird said...

This was really great! Nice touches, as always, with the shapes and with the connections. I especially liked the connections where there was room for several shapes, but only one was permitted by the shape rules! Even the rectangular sixes that were a bit repetitious had a neat "running joke" quality to them.


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