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Fillomino-Fillia has begun!

I've mentioned it before, and Palmer Mebane and I have previewed it – now Fillomino-Fillia has actually begun! You have approximately 47 hours and 37 minutes from the time of this post (I didn't plan ahead like Palmer and have this post prepared beforehand :[ ) to visit Logic Masters India, download the password-protected puzzle booklet, log in, and start the test. Then you will have 120 minutes to solve as many of the puzzles as possible. See how you compare against puzzle solvers all over the world! Also, good luck and stuff!


Chris M. Dickson said...

A quick note of thanks for a spectacular contest; I enjoyed it so much that I have recommended it strongly in my blog.

Anonymous said...

I still find it hard to believe you'd make a contest like this based around one of my favorite puzzle types ever and run it the ONE weekend I am guaranteed to NOT be available. I thought we were friends! - ZM

Anonymous said...

Our excuse is that we didn't pick the weekend. I'm sure we're still friends, but Deb you might have a bone to pick with. :)

(that said, this month is apparently packed due to the Indian championships being next weekend and everyone originally believing the USPC would be near the end of the month)

Deb said...

Yes, Fillomino-Fillia was not originally planned on 1st weekend. I kinda forced the authors to prepone it.

I hope enjoyed the puzzles as much, even though you couldn't participate.

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