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Monday Mutant 89: Pearls of Wisdom (torus)

In this Pearls of Wisdom puzzle, the grid is a torus; the left and right edges "wrap around" as shown, as do the top and bottom edges. The rules are otherwise unchanged.
Puzzle Communication Nikoli 133 has four pages of toroidal puzzles, including a toroidal Kakuro, a toroidal Slitherlink, a toroidal Yajilin, and two toroidal Akari. I thought it was pretty impressive how they were able to present the grid in such a way that the gimmick was apparent even to me who can't read Japanese; the presentation of this puzzle is inspired by theirs.

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Jonah said...

Of all the 10x10 Masyus you've posted, this one certainly has the smallest area contained within the loop!

(Or maybe the largest. I can never tell.)

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